Middle East, North Africa, sub Sahara Africa, Caribbean, Vietnam and imports from China, India and USA

A UK company, Agropharm was established in 1974 to provide pest control products. Since then the brand has grown and is now known for manufacturing a range of public health, crop protection, veterinary and pharmaceutical products. Their focus is based on producing eco-friendly pest control solutions.

Agropharm’s products are developed and manufactured at a production centre in Telford, Shropshire; the head office is in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. The facilities at Telford include an analytical and formulation laboratory, production bottling lines and powder handling.

The Knights of Old partnership with Agropharm dates from 1978 when Knights of Old founder, Donald Knight, established the freight forwarding company, Trans Arabian Freight (TAF), to handle consignments worldwide.

Today, TAF is part of the Knights of Old Air & Ocean Division, which offers a total service that covers deep sea, air and road freight movements. The requirement over the years has extended to export, import and bespoke projects. Knights of Old’s expertise in handling hazardous goods has enabled them to manage most of Agropharm’s deep sea and air shipments as required.  

About 50% of Agropharm’s export market share is from overseas sales. Knights of Old Air and Ocean Division handle their global consignment shipping to the Middle East, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, and Vietnam, of which all is palletised hazardous freight. They also handle air consignments and the occasional road shipment of one or two pallets to European destinations such as Turkey and Portugal. 
Typically, the freight is presented to Knights of Old at Agropharm’s Telford production site and trunked in full or part loads to Felixstowe or Southampton, usually a week before onward overseas movement.

The seamless transition is made possible by the extensive knowledge of the Knights of Old team, who will have all the required documentation, timelines and any anomalies ironed out prior to freight departure. The air freight shipments are trunked to Heathrow or Birmingham and consigned. With International regulations and IATA airport codes of practice for the movement of hazardous goods proving challenging, the Knights of Old team keeps Agropharm up-to-date with any changes in order to avoid unnecessary delays.      

Knights of Old take responsibility for importing product on behalf of Agropharm. Most products are imported from China, India and United States and shipped direct to the UK. Knights of Old assume full responsibility for clearing the product via customs and thereafter trunking consignments direct to the Telford site. In providing an import service, Knights of Old complete Agropharm’s supply chain in an end-to-end streamlined process.  When that product is imported as air freight, this normally occurs via Heathrow.   

Knights of Old have assisted in some unusual projects. One such project involved transporting Land Rovers as self-contained veterinary units to Sudan. Given current global unrest, similar projects are on hold.

ick George, Customer Logistics Manager at Agropharm, said: "From the outset, Agropharm, who prides itself on its family values, has been working with a company that shares our values. Knights of Old’s handling of hazardous goods, adherence to the regulations involved and all-round professionalism makes this a long and respected partnership.”
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